Rental Rates

In addition to our own programming, the Rainier Valley Cultural Center provides rental space to community organizations, cultural groups, stage performances, workshops, recitals, civic events, graduation ceremonies, and other events.

If you are interested in renting the Auditorium, the Event Room, or the entire facility, to check for date and time availability. After obtaining your information, we will issue a rental contract. Upon receipt of payment of the security deposit, one fourth of the agreed upon rental rate, and the signed contract, the event will be confirmed on our calendar. For events with technical requirements please submit a tech rider.

Peak Hours are 6pm-midnight Thursdays to Sundays.


Performances Includes full use of lighting and sound systems, and technician. Requires a Technician. Peak: $140/hr
Non-Peak: $100/hr
Basic Includes work lights and up to 2 mics. Technician available upon request. Peak: $120/hr
Non-Peak: $80/hr
Film Screenings Includes 3 hours’ time with projection and surround sound, 2 mics, and a projectionist.  Additional hours at $100/hr Peak: $350
Non-Peak: $250
Rehearsals Includes stage and work lights only. Package rates are available if performance is also booked at RVCC. $25/hour
Tech Rehearsals Includes use of sound and lighting equipment. Package rates are available if performance is also booked at RVCC. Requires a Technician. $50/hour

Event Room

Meetings, Lectures, Workshops, & Classes Includes use of tables & chairs. Price depends upon size, nature of event, and time. $20-50/hr
Parties, Banquets, & Fundraisers Includes use of tables & chairs. Allows food, drink, & alcohol. Includes use of kitchen. Price depends upon size, nature of event, and time. $75-150/hour

Additional Equipment Rentals

Storage Closet For overnight storage of equipment related to performances/rehearsals. $20/day
Additional Microphones Additional microphones for non-performance rentals. $10/mic
Projector & Screen Small projector and screen in the Event Room. $50/day


A refundable damage deposit of $______ must be paid at least ____ days in advance of rental date.
25% of your rental fee and the damage deposit must be paid to secure your rental date.
Additional cleaning fees ($60 – $120) may apply based on the type and size of your rental.
Load in/out – $50/hr non-negotiable.
Additional staff fees may apply based on the requirements of your rental.
A Technician is required for all Performances & Tech Rehearsals; the fee is $30/hour (3 hour minimum).
Depending on the size/type of event insurance may be required.
All renters will be responsible for acquiring their own liquor licenses.

Rentals are unavailable on the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving (November 27th)
  • Christmas Eve and Day (December 24th & 25th)
  • New Years Eve and Day (December 31st & January 1st)